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SEO Techniques Every Victoria BC Entrepreneur Needs To Get Acquainted With

seo business in victoriaEvery business venture deserves a well planned strategy in order for true benefits to be realized. If you want success in branding, and better returns on investment in your online business, there are some SEO Techniques that should not slip through your fingers. Here are some residents in Victoria BC want SEO services and tips that will reward you good.

  1. Start With The Main Course – Organic SEO

Some SEO Victoria bc doesn’t have to be that hard, being smart which involves pleasing search engines by creating optimized content for better rankings and higher traffic to you site in turn. A good agency can assist you with keyword research and analysis, which may also involve spying on your competition to come up with better insights for dominating online business. It also involves off page and on-page optimization for better site recognition and better quality linking.

Why living in Victoria BC and knowing SEO matters.

  1. Don’t Forget To Optimize Locally – Local SEO

Most people go wrong by thinking that the basic organic SEO is enough for their online businesses. Adopt the local website SEO strategies and you will see the difference. If your quest, have your business listed with local directories, submit it with Google local and keep your content flowing consistently. Be sure to include the city, town or locality name as your keyword in all your contents and capture some of the neighborhood too. Social medial platforms, blogs, and authority sites should not be left behind in your local SEO approach.

  1. Mobile Search Engine Optimization

Any internet user with interest in technological advancements will tell you that mobile devices are gradually taking over dominance in the World Wide Web. They are more preferred by most internet users, creating a need to ensure that your search engine tactics involve designing a mobile friendly site. If you can, develop a mobile app, especially if your business has gained reputation and brand trust for duration of time. Additionally, be sure to see that your site is accessible using majority of the main browsers without having to compromise on quality, and the look and feel.

  1. Metrics Analysis

The other thing you should ensure to do is to find a reliable approach to measuring and reporting. This can be done by use of a wide array of analysis and reporting tools that can be found online, some available for free download, others are paid downloads while others are provided by websites online at a subscription fee. Ensure that you get the most reliable option; preferably from a marketing expert or a paid up service. Some of them however, such as Google analytics are free of charge and are quite reliable. These are important as they let you know your stands as an online business. They let you identify what the audience are looking for most, so that you can work towards providing them with just about that.

The Importance Of Color In Website Design


Color and How We Take It For Granted

Color, it’s something we take for granted when it comes to evoking emotion and positive response. There have been numerous amounts of studies done over the past 100 years focusing on how human beings react to certain colors and the emotional responses they experience. This isn’t limited to just humans, either. What does a bull do when it sees red? A person doesn’t want to be between the red cape and the bull at that time, that’s for sure.

Scientists and doctors have been telling us for over a century how color is the most immediate factor when it comes to leaving positive or negative impressions on first view. This means that people will decide whether they like or dislike a website as soon as it loads up. Immediately. This being the case, the best way to win over visitors is to ensure a website’s colors evoke the appropriate emotions according to the subject at hand.

Bad Color Choices and Eye Sores

Now, there is a big difference between opening up a site that hurts our eyes to the point of almost complete blindness and color choices that don’t represent the content displayed on it’s page. Remember the color schemes of most sites back in the 1990’s? If you’re old enough to remember, that is. I suppose I’m aging myself here, but 20 years ago a person didn’t want to stay on most websites for very long. We’ll leave it at that.

Things have come a long way since then, making softer colors and easier to read text King of the hill in our current era. Choosing no more than 3 colors is the way we at Website Factor like to do things, working with our clients to let them know that while they may have a certain color scheme in mind that uses more, it isn’t always recommended when representing certain types of content.

Don’t Take Color For Granted

If you have decided to take on the task of creating your own website, do not underplay color choice. It is one of the most important factors when it comes to keeping people on your website for an extended period of time, as well as keeping them coming back as often as possible.

Your website’s subject matter also plays a large part in color choice, where everything should work together seamlessly. Seem like a daunting decision? For some it may be and this is where the professionals come into the picture. If you’ve made your mind up to do it yourself though, remember the KISS method – Keep it Simple Stupid.

The Basics of Website Design


Basic Website Design Facts

While basic website design isn’t extremely difficult if carried out smartly, there are some basic guidelines which one should follow in order to assure a good result overall. Not all browsers parse code the same way, with even Firefox and Chrome showing pages in significantly different ways sometimes.

This leads one to the conclusion that the old adage ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’ rings very true for website design. What most of us know as the KISS method. Indeed, a nice looking website is important when it comes to being unique and keeping people on the site, but it must also respond appropriately according to screen resolutions, browsers and a number of other factors.

Designing For Usability

Gone are the days when a site could have a million links in full view and render properly the way it should do today. Things don’t work that way anymore, as sometimes we find people visiting our websites on resolutions as low as 240px. This is why Website Factor uses the KISS method in order to guarantee great website design results.

Simple, easy to follow navigation is paramount for a good user experience. People don’t want to get confused on a website and with the average attention span being pretty short these days, most haven’t got time to try to figure out where to go on a site.

Show Off Your Latest Updates

It isn’t only visitors one needs to impress when it comes to website layout. The Google bots need to see that a site is updating regularly and that the updates are in plain sight for visitors to find. This is what gets a person onto the first few pages of the search engines. Show off your new products, designs or family outings so they are easy to find and will attract the attention you seek.


Template Design Isn’t Recommended

Template website design has been a big trend for the past while, being that many people really don’t have the website design skills needed to start something from scratch. We at Website Factor don’t use templates, as we feel they limit creating something unique. Just do a basic Google search and watch how many blogs and sites use the same layout. It’s astounding. Templates don’t offer much in the way of creating something that stands out from the rest. Our advice is to avoid them.

Learn Basic HTML and CSS

It never hurts to pick up a basic knowledge of the two main languages that create web pages – HTML and CSS. For someone with no experience with these codes, they can both be a bit daunting. HTML and CSS aren’t as difficult as people may think, however. Anyone can learn them and getting better at coding becomes easier over time. There are tons of message boards and websites offering free tutorials on both languages.

When In Doubt, Higher The Pros

Not everyone has the spare time to learn HTML, CSS and find out what the hell SEO is and how it should be implemented properly. This is when the pros should be called in. Highly experienced website designers and SEO experts like Website Factor can offer exactly what you’re looking for and save you a lot of headache.


Website Coding Post – Installing PHP Codesniffer Properly In Eclipse

The Eclipse PHP Codesniffer tool for Eclipse allows you to detect coding standards errors as you are actually typing your code. Unfortunately, not everyone realises this and sets it up simply to output the errors to the console. Here, I will show you how to setup PHP Codesniffer to work natively in Eclipse.

You will need a copy of PHP installed and running on your machine to make this work.

1) Install PHP Codesniffer in Eclipse

Follow these instructions to install PHP Codesniffer in Eclipse.

Zend Studio Users: Please note that if you are using the Zend Studio version of Eclipse, you will need to go to “Help > Software Updates > Search for new feature to install > Find & Install…” then you will need to add a new source by clicking on “Add Remote Site…”.

PHP Codesniffer in Eclipse

Setup PHP Codesniffer in Eclipse
URL to use for “Install new Software” in Eclipse:
Restart Eclipse

However, it probably won’t work straight away, because you need to set-up your PHP executables in Eclipse.

2) Setup PHP Executables in Eclipse

Navigate to “Window > Preferences > PHP > PHP Executables” and if there is nothing in the list, then add a new one that points to your PHP executable.

3) PHP Codesniffer Settings

Now all we need to do is setup PHP Codesniffer in the Eclipse preferences settings.

Goto “Window > Preferences > PHP Tools > Codesniffer”.

PHP Executable:
Select the one that you wish to use. You might have created one in the step above?
Codesniffer Standards:
Select the one you prefer, I use Zend.
Standard Tab Width:
Please ensure this is correct to your coding standard, I set it to 4.
File Extensions:
This is a comma separated list of file extensions that PHPCS will try and validate. I only have php in my list. You may have some “.inc” files. Don’t allow it to validate Zend View “.phtml” files. If you allow it to validate .phtml files, it will show that all of your Zend View files are invalid as they contain HTML.
It will ask you if you want to do a “Full Rebuild” – you need to answer yes to this. Depending on the size of your codebase it could take a while to do this, so please be patient.

All done!

Once your rebuild is complete, Eclipse will now show you the files that have coding standards errors with a little red cross next to them. Furthermore, when you open the file, it will show you where the errors are down the left-hand side next to the line number.

Tip: Eclipse Settings

I use Zend Framework coding standards, mainly because I use it every day. I find it eaiser if my development environment is setup correctly. These are my Eclipse settings, feel free to use them

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